Commercial Air Purifier: Why Every Indoor Farm Needs One

Indoor farming is becoming more and more popular across the globe. Commercial air purifier for indoor farms has become essential for this growing industry because indoor farmers will have challenges with mold and other pathogens inside the environment. This blog will discuss how commercial air purifiers are necessary for indoor farming operations.

What are commercial air purifiers?

Commercial air purifiers are machines that remove contaminants from a sizeable indoor farming environment. These commercial air purifiers are inside or outside of a commercial building where produce is grown. Commercial air purifiers have been designed with advanced technologies to ensure they successfully filter out or destroy mold and other airborne pathogens, as well as dust particles.

Why Do Indoor Farms Need Commercial Air Purifiers?

Indoor farms need commercial air purifiers because they will have mold and other pathogens inside the environment. Primarily, due to these factors:

  • water leaks
  • high humidity levels
  • temperature fluctuations throughout the day and night cycle (heating, cooling, dehumidifying)
  • lack of airflow
  • Dirty air
  • Dirty surfaces

When commercial air purifiers are inside commercial farming buildings, they can help with humidity levels and temperatures throughout the day. This is because commercial air purifiers are advanced technologies, so it successfully filters out or destroys mold and other airborne pathogens and dust particles.

Benefits of Commercial Air Purifier For Indoor Farms

There are many benefits of commercial air purifiers for indoor farming. Here is a list:

  • They destroy airborne pathogens, mold, viruses, and bacteria.
  • It prevents respiratory diseases among employees who work inside commercial farms.
  • Reduces the risk of contamination in plants grown indoors because commercial air purifiers will maintain specific humidity.
  • Odor control

However, not all air purifiers are equal. Finding suitable commercial air purifiers for indoor farming cannot be easy because not all deliver what they promise on their websites or marketing materials. Nevertheless, there are some things you should look. So we created a checklist for you.

Best Commercial Air Purifier’s Checklist For Indoor Farming

Here is a checklist to help you find the best commercial air purifiers for indoor farms when you research your indoor commercial farm.

  • Treat all surfaces with the purifier. (not just near the purifier, but all surfaces)
  • Require low electricity usage
  • Monitor the levels of the unit’s production 24/7
  • Have a sanitizer created and output from the purifier itself, or only the air is protected.
  • Organic and no-chemicals consumed.
  • Be safe while people are present
  • Offer manual adjustments to the unit’s power

It is essential to invest in a high-quality air & surface purifier, or else you might have a chance of risking losing crops to pathogens!

Finding the best commercial air purifiers for indoor farming can help you create a cleaner environment and keep your commercial farm healthier. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to put together this checklist of key points to look for to ask yourself when looking at potential options so that you can find the best one possible. If you want to jump to the front of the line, we’ve done all your research for you!

AirROS surface and air purifiers are the only kinds that can sanitize surfaces (including long-distance) and airborne pathogens, bacteria, mold, and viruses organically without using chemicals plus odor control! If you want a FREE consultation with an expert who can help you protect your indoor farm from pathogens, schedule a call here or feel free to submit a form to us. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and provide assistance in finding the right solution that will suit your needs for a cleaner environment.